My Love Story

I signed up for the Simple 7 Day Challenge over at Retail Mavens. The timing is perfect as it began right as I was having the age old crisis of the working mom, trying to balance my time and resources everywhere that I was needed. The first assignment is to write my “love story”, the reason I first opened my store. What a perfect opportunity to reconnect with why I do what I do.

So how did Sling With Me start? The super short answer is that it was started to fill a need where I lived. Of course the story is longer and more complicated than that. It was based on my own need for community, for the needs of a dear friend to continue what she started, and then the support of the very community we both set out to help. When I moved the store from my home to its current location last year, the vision remained very much the same but on a grander scale. I envision a place for parents to gather, to get their questions answered, to see and touch the things they previously had to purchase sight unseen online, and a place for them to find their tribe.

What motivates you to do what you do?

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Addicted to education

I seem to be always enrolled in at least one class at a time, I love to learn! Right now I am working on an herbalism course and just registered for a course about nourishing herbal infusions.

I stumbled across a giveaway today for a doula course through Birth Arts International while browsing facebook. I did my post partum doula training through them and would love to see what their birth doula training has to offer.

The giveaway is posted at the Circle of Life Network, along with several other giveaways, go check it out!


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Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid-birth to preschool

We adore Wrapsody here. We have used and loved each of the three wrap styles available. A Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid was the first wrap that both of my youngest children were snuggled in. They are amazingly soft like your favorite t-shirt. They are thin enough to not overwhelm a tiny newborn and to make them breathable, and the stretch gives them nice moldability. This is not even taking into consideration their beauty, with their hand made batiks and vibrant colors!

But my baby is no longer a newborn, how are they for bigger kids?

This is one of two questions I hear frequently about the Stretch Hybrids. The other question is “Are they really safe for back carries”?

Let’s tackle the size question first. I have carried my own children in a Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid up to about 40 lbs successfully. ¬†With most wraps, the biggest factor in the outcome is the technique. Here is my youngest son on the day he came home from the hospital, at about 7 lbs, and again shortly after his second birthday at around 29 lbs in our beloved “Rowan”.

Birth to toddler, still happily snuggled in.Birth to toddler, still happily snuggled in.

Exhibit number two is our friend Rachel over at Quirky Baby. She wore three year old Jane in “Orcas” at Sea World. How perfect is that?

Rachel and Jane visiting Shamu in Orcas.

Rachel and Jane visiting Shamu in Orcas.

Now on to the second question. If this question hasn’t occurred to you, let me offer a bit of background first. Some stretchy wraps on the market offer stretch both directions along the fabric, both lengthwise and width wise. They also have serged edges. This combination makes it quite difficult to get a snug carry that won’t stretch out under the child’s weight.

The Stretch Hybrid on the other hand, offers ¬†give width wise, with minimal stretch length wise. They also feature hemmed edges (or rails in babywearing speak) which offers stability. While I don’t recommend a back carry with the fore mentioned style of stretchy wraps, I am very confident in the safety of a well wrapped Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid.

We wanted to offer more than just my opinion on this, so our family conducted an experiment of sorts. The major players in our experiment were myself (gave my body for pseudo science), my 13 year old son acting as camera man, and my 42 lb 5 year old as my willing model. I put him up in a double hammock carry, making sure to tighten carefully. Here are the results of our test.

So there you have it. The Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid is perfectly suitable for toddlers and preschoolers, and works fine for back carries. And did I mention they are pretty?

Sling With Me stocks Stretch Hybrids, as well as Breeze and Wrap DuO’s.

Happy Babywearing!

Stylized Heather

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